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The Vedres Body Studio - Our History
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Betty Vedres, Roberta Piloni, Dona Ramponi, Donatella Giacometti



Betty Vedres, Donatella Giacometti, Dona Ramponi

The Vedres Body Studio

The Vedres Body Studio uses the Vedres method, a type of aerobics derived from modern dance and specially conceived to address the specific needs of the female body.

The aim of the Vedres method is to achieve a woman's psicho-physical wellbeing while simultaneously modelling and toning up her body.

The Vedres method is applicable to all phases of a woman's life, giving her consciousness of and pleasure in her body. It is recommended for any age, from 17 to senior years. It frees teenagers from their natural shyness, setting up their body for a balanced development, and is fundamental in preventing the development of arthrosis and osteoporosis.

Our teachers' objective is to lead their students along a path of exciting discovery of physical awareness, often dormant and neglected, and to reach a higher degree of self-appreciation.

Our aim is to show our women students what they really are, how they can move in a more harmonious manner, discover the hidden beauty in their bodies day after day and face their lives' challenges with the confidence resulting from a healthier, finer and well-balanced body.

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