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The Vedres Body Studio - Our History
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Elena Vedres

Our History

The Vedres Body Studio was established in 1948 by Elena Vedres, a 1932 graduate in Dance and Pedagogy at the Hellerau Laxenburg Academy in Vienna.

Elena Vedres's method reflects the soul of those grand years marked by cultural giants like Freud, Mahler and Schoenberg, as well as the urges of the Expressionist movement mitigated by Viennese musicality.

Constant intellectual tension, curiosity for all modern forms of dance and body movement (particularly for Martha Graham's modern dance), a passion for visual arts studied in Florence, all this gave birth to a form of aerobics which is totally original and complete, particularly corcerned with improving a woman's whole and complex nature and thereby seeking to establish harmony and balance among her physical, mental and aesthetic drives.

Elena Vedres passed on her approach to her daughter Betty and to a selected group of teachers who all trained under her stern, critical and affectionate eye, as was the custom in ancient European craftsmen's workshops :

Donatella Giacometti, Roberta Piloni, Dona Ramponi

  who carry on her commitment and her drive to update and enrich this rewarding activity.

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