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The Vedres Body Studio - Our History
Our Method - Our Rhythm - Our Courses

Betty Vedres, Roberta Piloni, 
Donatella Giacometti, Dona Ramponi

Betty Vedres, Roberta Piloni, 
Donatella Giacometti, Dona Ramponi

Our Method

The Vedres method, a modern fusion of dance and aerobics, is based on a specific technique, entirely feminine in its conception and aimed at involving its students gradually.

Exercises are mostly performed on the floor, the fastest way to achieve body awareness and sensibility.

Students thus improve their body suppleness and elasticity without overloading their joints and spinal column.

Stretching, firming and relaxing exercises improve and shape up our students' figures, particolarly their back, belly, hips, thighs and arms.

This is a dynamic, varied and light type of aerobics stimulating blood circulation, reducing swelling, establishing a youthful posture and creating a general sense of well being.

The Vedres method entails the interior research of logically structured movements and produces precision, control and self-discipline with constantly changing exercises.

Tension and stress are reduced, mind is in tune with body and the body tunes in with its innermost ally.


In a word, students learn to take good care of themselves while enjoying doing so.

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